Pricing Outline

Effective day: October 1, 2019

RevStack is a pay per usage / credit based system software.  You pay for the base monthly fee plus usage to determine the total monthly cost.  We offer discounts based on the amount of credits used.  To explore our bundles please visit the Marketplace within the RevStack dashboard.

This pricing is subject to change.

Usage Credits 

Each credit is equal to a specific number of text messages (SMS), multimedia messages (MMS) voice minutes, and ringless voicemail.

Every account is given 100 credits per month.  When you exceed those credits you will be charged $10 to add more credits automatically. Purchased credits carryover every month.

Volume discounts start at 150,000 credits per month.

Credit Type

# of Credits

Cost Per Use

SMS Text Messages

1 Credit


Cost Per Voice Minute



MMS Text Messages



Ringless Voicemails

10 Credits


Cost Per Contact 

Every user is provided with 5,000 Contacts every month.

Each additional 1,500 contacts is $19.99 per month charged automatically.

Please contact us if you have a High Volume of contacts for pricing breakpoints.

Mobile Wallet Usage 

Our mobile wallet add-on is priced monthly based upon the number of ACTIVE passes. An active pass is a valid pass that is still inside of your contacts mobile wallet.

You will be charged a set fee every month based upon the number of passes you use. 

You will be charged $10 a month when you exceed the amount of passes in the monthly plan until you reach the next volume discount

Total # of Active Passes

# of Credits

Cost Per Additional Pass

Up to 250 

$50.00 per month



$150.00 per month



$600.00 per month



$1,000.00 per month



Please call for pricing


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